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1. What is JSB/WINNING Electronic Cigarette?
JSB electronic cigarette is a new fashion and healthy electronic product that researched and designed by Shenzhen Jieshibao technology co., Ltd(Hong Kong JSB e-cigarette co., Ltd). It is composed by a cartridge, a atomizer and a battery. Compared with ordinary cigarettes, JSB electronic cigarettes do not contain tar, hydrocyanic and other harmful substances, smokers will not have any health hazards and it will not form second-hand smoke.

2. What does a JSB/WINNING Electronic Cigarette Consist of ?
These smoking alternatives consist of a rechargeable battery that can be plugged into a USB charger, Car charger, or a Home charger. The battery of the Electronic Cigarettes connects to a device called an atomizer, which evaporates a nicotine or non-nicotine cartridge. Each cartridge of the E Cigarette contains less than a traditional pack of cigarettes. The nicotine cartridge in the Electric Cigarette comes in High, Med, Low and No nicotine. When all three pieces of the E- Cigarette are connected, all you do is simply draw on it like a traditional cigarette and enjoy the same sensation.

3. How does JSB/WINNING Electronic Cigarette work?
JSB/WINNING electronic cigarette is composed by air sensing switch, intelligent control circuits, smart chip, high-tech lithium-ion batteries and other microelectronic devices, essentially different from traditional cigarettes. JSB/WINNING Electronic Cigarette works in the following way: the user inhales on the electronic cigarette, this causes an air flow sensor to signal to the inbuilt microprocessor, that in turn activates the atomizer. The atomizer converts the liquid nicotine in the cartridge into a vapour (by atomization), which is digested by the user. Simultaneously, a water based vapour is released from the glycol by the atomizer to resemble ‘smoke’. This ‘smoke’ has no risk to its user or persons around them.

4. Who is Shenzhen Jieshibao technology co., ltd(Hong Kong JSB e-cigarette co., ltd)?
Shenzhen Jieshibao technology co., ltd(Hong Kong JSB e-cigarette co., ltd) is a Shenzhen based company pioneering in electronic cigarettes. The team behind Jieshibao E-Cigarette have been product testing and researching the possibility of a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and is currently manufacturing a ground breaking electronic smoking devices. JSB electronic cigarette products have now obtained CE, FCC, FDA, SGS, RoHS, UL and PSE certificates.


5. What experience does a JSB/WINNING Electronic Cigarette give you?
JSB/WINNING Electronic Cigarettes give you the same look, taste and feel as a traditional cigarette without the harmful toxins. JSB/WINNING E-Cigs have many benefits that are not typical of a traditional harmful cigarette. You do not need a lighter to use a JSB/WINNING Electric Cigarette, you can use a JSB/WINNING E-cigs virtually anywhere, there is no need for an ash tray, and the Electric cigarette has no smell and creates no secondhand smoke when it produces its odorless water vapor.

6. Who uses the Electronic Cigarettes?
Current tobacco users over the age of 18 will typically use the Electronic Cigarette as a smoking alternative. Most consumers use the E-cig as way to substitute the craving of a traditional cigarette. Although the Electric Cigarette is not considered to be a quit smoking aid or tool, many people use the product as an aid to accomplish their individual goals. The most common reason people decide to use this smoking alternative is to continue to have the satisfaction of a real cigarette, but do it without the thousands of carcinogens or any harmful side effects. Electric Cigarettes are only meant for current smokers over 18 years of age.

7. What is JSB/WINNING e-cigarette cartridge?
An electronic cigarette cartridge produced by JSB is one of the three main parts components that contains the nicotine liquid. The cartridge sits at the top, the atomizer in the middle and the battery with its LED light, at the bottom. The E-liquid in it is available at various strengths and flavors.

8. How long will the JSB/WINNING cartridge last?
Depending on the model, JSB cartridge is equivalent to about 10-30 tobacco cigarettes. You should replace the cartridge when the vapor released by your JSB E-Cigarette reduces. This is usually an indication that the e-liquid in the cartridge is running out.

9. Do your JSB/WINNING electronic cigarette cartridges come in different strengths?
JSB electronic cigarette cartridges do come in different strengths however they have not been studied for their potential use as a nicotine replacement therapy nor have they been approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation item. We do carry our electronic cigarette kits and cartridges in high(16mg nicotine), medium(12mg nicotine), low(6mg nicotine) and even non-nicotine(0mg nicotine). Typically a user will should just use a strength they feel comfortable with.

10. What is a JSB/WINNING atomizer?
JSB/WINNING atomizer is a atomization device. The e-liquid in the cartridge will produced smoke under the action of the atomizer.

11. What is JSB/WINNING e-liquid?
E-Liquid or nicotine juices is the solution that is contained within the cartridges and is eventually vaporized. The E-liquid is essentially where the vapor comes from in an electronic cigarette. We currently sell e-liquids that can be used to fill up cartridges for your JSB electronic cigarette cartridges or refill them when they run low. We have a variety of different flavors for different likings. our atomizers on the JSB are set up so you can drip your e-liquid directly onto the atomizer, bypassing the use of cartridges.

12. Does the JSB/WINNING E-Cigarette have a smell?
No, the smoke has no odor, however you may have a light essence from the flavors of the nicotine cartridges.

13. Does the JSB/WINNING E-Cigarette have a taste?
The taste of the JSB/WINNING E-Cigarette resembles the traditional tobacco, but feels much smoother and cleaner as there are none of the pollutions associated with real tobacco. We also have hundreds of flavors for you to choose from, such as: apple, cherry, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and mint.

14. How do I Turn-On JSB E-Cigarette?
JSB E-Cigarette has two types. One has no switch to turn-on or turn-off. You simply inhale on the device and it switches on, and when you are done, put it back in your pocket or electronic cigarette charge case, and it shuts off automatically. Another one has a manual switch button on the battery, when you inhale, press the switch down. This type cannot be disturbed by external environment easily.

15. What is the smoke that is released from the JSB E-Cigarette?
The smoke that is released from the JSB E-Cigarette is simply a harmless vapor that evaporates into the air within seconds. JSB E-Cigarette leaves no residue in the air, and it will not harm anyone around you.

16. How long will the battery last before needing to recharge?
JSB Electronic Cigarettes uses only high quality, high-tech lithium-ion batteries. Depending on the kit these batteries typically last approximately around 200-300 puffs with normal use before they need to be charged. However with the JSB E-Cigarette charge case, you are getting 2 batteries, so you can always have one charged, while using the other.

17. What does it mean when the indicator light flashes?
The flashing light at the top of the device, indicates that the battery is low and needs to be recharged, or the security system has activated.

18. Can I use JSB E-Cigarette anywhere?
Yes, you can use the JSB E-Cigarette anywhere and everywhere, since it does not release real smoke (just harmless vapor ), however some people who are not familiar with the Electronic cigarette may ask you not to smoke, until you explain that it’s not a traditional cigarette, and it’s not real smoke.

19. Can anyone use JSB E-Cigarette?
No, the JSB E-Cigarette is intended for adults only and it is not intended to be used by pregnant women and those that are sensitive to nicotine.

20. Can I get nicotine poisoning if I continue to smoke the JSB E-Cigarette?
No, you will not get nicotine poisoning from using the JSB E-Cigarette, due to the fact that JSB E-Cigarette has a built in electronic security system which stops automatically if too many inhalations occur within a short time space or you take a inhalation over 8 seconds long.

21. What models do you carry?
Our company has two models, JSB and WINNING. OEM and ODM are also welcome.

22. Can you customize my design...if so, what is my minimum?
Yes, if you could not find the products from our current products. We can be able to create custom made design as per your requests. Our minimum is 100 sets.

23. Can you design one specially?
Yes, send us details and a sketch or a picture of your requirements and we will quote you our best price.

24. Can I have my own logo on the products?
Yes, you can put your logo on the products with a required order quantity. Please just send us the information of your Logo.

25. Is there a warranty with the purchase?
Yes, the JSB E-Cigarette comes with a 12 month warranty on the battery and charger.

26. What included in products?
It is included Atomized nicotine cartridges x5, Charger, Power line, User manual, Battery 2 pieces, Gift box packaging. Moreover, spare pieces can be ordered separately and you can choose the number of cartridges in each set.

27. Your products meet CE/ROHS requirements?
Yes, JSB electronic cigarettes have been exported all over the world like America, Europe, Middle East and so on. We get CE, FCC, FDA, SGS, RoHS, UL and PSE approval for our products.

28. Where can I buy the JSB E-Cigarette?
JSB E-Cigarette is available at the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise Florida, or you can purchase online through one of our approved Resellers.

29. Why people using JSB E-Cigarette?
Most smokers, smoke because they enjoy the delight, physical and emotional feelings they get in smoking traditional cigarettes. The JSB E-Cigarette will provide you with all those pleasures, but without all the problems that is related with traditional smoking. The main reasons people use JSB E-Cigarette includes: healthier smoking, freedom to smoke anywhere and everywhere, no first or second hand smoke, no smoke or odor, non-flammable, convenient and cheaper than traditional cigarettes.

30. Is JSB E-Cigarette cheaper than traditional cigarettes?
After your initial investment of the JSB E-Cigarette starter kit, you will start to notice massive savings of up to 50-80 percent. A single JSB cartridge is equivalent to a pack of 20 cigarettes but less than 1/2 of the price of a pack of traditional cigarettes. PLEASE NOTE: JSB E-Cigarette is not a smoking cessation product.

31. Are your electronic cigarettes designed to help me quit smoking?
JSB e-cigarettes are simply an alternative to smoking cigarettes. They have not been tested as a smoking cessation item and should only be viewed as simply an alternative to smoking tobacco. They should not be used by non-smokers.


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